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Sentry HC WormX Dog Dewormer

Owning a dog means being tasked with protecting its health, regardless of what befalls it. One of the biggest and most pesky issues you’ll encounter is the issue of worms.

Worms are nasty, relentless, and capable of causing some pretty serious problems with your dog’s overall health. They can be contracted in numerous ways, and infestation can be virtually undetectable until your dog begins to suffer from the effects.

There are numerous types of worms that your dog can deal with during its life, with everything from heartworms to tapeworms threatening to wreak havoc at any given time. Two worms in particular can be very prevalent and difficult to remove without proper medication, and that’s hookworms and roundworms.

The Harmful Effects of Hookworms and Roundworms

Hookworms infect your dog’s intestines, and actually feed of the blood inside. This can cause sever malnutrition in the affected dog, and can unfortunately result in death for weaker puppies.

Affected dogs will also display symptoms such as diarrhea, lack of appetite, and coughing. Hookworm infestation will make your dog absolutely miserable. Contracting them is rather easy for any dog, as hookworms can hide in soil until the find a host. They are also commonly passed on to nursing puppies from their mothers.

Sentry WormX Box with PillsSentry WormX Box with Pills

Roundworms aren’t any better. These worms also prefer to take up residence inside the intestines, where the live and feed while also multiplying. This can result in your dog having a pot-belly, weight loss, lethargy, and sensitivity on their stomachs.

These worms are spread just as easily as hookworms, and can be contracted from your dog having contact with other infected dogs, and even fecal matter that has been tracked into your home.

Why Use Dewormers

Both of these worm types can prove to be serious if left untreated, so it’s important to take action as soon as you notice a problem. Your first thought may be to go to the veterinarian for a proper diagnosis.

After doing so, your vet will most likely prescribe a dewormer to take care of the problem. You can accept this prescription, or obtain the dewormer on your own. There are several dewormer options to choose from, with HC WormX Dewormer from Sentry being one of the most popular choices.

But is it the best dewormer for home use? After doing the analysis, we certainly think so.

What’s Good About Sentry HC WormX Dog Dewormer

Sentry’s deworming products are bestsellers for a reason: They work, and they work well. This particular formula is easy to dose, and offers powerful worm-killing effects while also protecting against future worm problems. It’s hard to beat that.

All-In-One Effects

While there are many different types of worms that each require different medications, Sentry’s product can actually eradicate both roundworms and hookworms all at the same time. Simply administer the tablets to your dog as directed and sit back and watch them recover.

Sentry Wormx Suspension Product Box

The expanded deworming capability saves you from having to use different medications, so all you really need to do is give your veterinarian a fecal matter sample to test so that you can be sure exactly what type of worms are present.

Once the worms are killed, further use of the tablets will prevent re-infestation from occurring again. This can be especially helpful if you haven’t been able to pinpoint the source of the worms yet.

Easy to Administer

These tablets are relatively simply to give to your dog. You can hand feed them or mix them into their food. The tablets are also easy to segment if you have to break them up into smaller doses for smaller dogs.

Sentry includes a weight chart with the tablets so you can be sure exactly how much you should be giving your dog on a daily basis.

Fast Acting

It doesn’t take long for these tablets to get to work. You’ll notice a significant improvement during the first day of usage, and you can expect complete eradication of the worms within 3 to 6 days after beginning treatment.

Any Drawbacks

Sentry’s deworming tablets do what they are supposed to do, and in a short time frame.  They are easy to give to your dog, and easy to break up. Even the packaging is easy to deal with.

Directions are clear, and everything is straightforward. No complaints with any aspects as far as we are concerned.


Roundworms and hookworms are definitely a nuisance to deal with, and are very dreadful for your dog to experience. Fortunately, Sentry makes it easy to get rid of them. These tablets can always be counted on to get the job done within the week. Don’t spend money on expensive dewormers from your vet, buy these instead.

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