Our Top 5 Picks For Grain Free Dog Food

Grain free dog food has become increasingly popular among dog owners over the past few years and for a good reason. You see, most regular dog foods contain grains like wheat, soy, and corn as the ingredients. Grains are not necessarily bad for dogs, but they are not the best either. Dogs are naturally carnivorous animals with a need for large amounts of animal proteins and fats in their diets. Regular dog food brands cannot satisfy the dog’s nutritional needs because grains do not have the same nutritional value as meat and animal fats. Grain and gluten free dog food, on the other hand, is rich in essential nutrients for your dog such as animal fat, protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates. Grain free dog food is also suitable for dogs with cancer since it contains high nutritional content even in small servings. The high level of protein and fat found in grain free dog food helps dogs with cancer remain healthy and energetic and prevents excessive weight loss that comes with cancer. By now you are probably asking yourself, what are the best grain free dog food brands for my dog? Well, here is a list of our top five picks for grain free dog food.


Wellness simple natural limited dry dog food


Wellness simple natural limited dry dog meal is formulated for dogs with food allergies and ingredient intolerance. It contains one source of protein mixed with other easily digestible carbohydrates to give your dog a healthy balanced diet. The dog food also comes loaded with probiotics and prebiotics to help with food digestion. The one protein source approach makes the food safe for dogs with specific animal protein and fat allergies. If your dog is allergic to dairy products, you can get him a duck & oatmeal or a lamb & oatmeal dog food. The all natural ingredients with no gluten, artificial preservatives, and grain fillers help give your dog immense nutritional value even in a small serving of the food. If you want to introduce your dog to a grain free mail, it is imperative that you do so gradually over a period of seven days. Start the first day by mixing a small portion of Wellness grain free dog food with the regular feed your dog eats. Keep increasing the portion size so that the dog is consuming 100% Wellness grain free dog food by the seventh day.




NUTRO MAX grain free natural adult dry dog food


NUTRO MAX grain free dog diet is a dry food for adult dogs. The dog food’s main ingredient is lamb protein fortified with other mineral and nutrients from legumes and potatoes. This dog diet food is formulated for dogs with allergies and contains no added flavors or preservatives. It also helps dogs achieve a shinier coat and shed less fur. As if that is not enough, feeding your dog on this dog diet can help eradicate anal gland infections. It is also an excellent meal for dogs with cancer due to its high nutritional value which ensures that dogs get sufficient energy and nutrients even on small servings. Since it is dry, you can mix it with wet food or feed it to your dog dry depending on what your dog prefers. You should also ensure that your dog takes a lot of water to keep him hydrated and help with digestion. We would not recommend NUTRO MAX grain free dog food for puppies, and younger dogs since it is labeled as an adult dog food.


CRAVE grain free high protein dry dog food


CRAVE grain free dog diet is designed to provide dogs with high-quality protein and carbohydrates. It uses lamb as the main ingredient and the primary source of protein to provide up to 34% protein per serving. Using lamb also improves the taste of the food and makes your dog enjoy every meal. For carbohydrates, CRAVE uses potatoes and peas. This dog food is excellent for dogs with grain allergies or other protein allergies such as beef or chicken proteins. It also gives the dog healthy skin and a shiny coat. Most important of all, the high protein content makes this dog food a perfect choice for dogs with cancer. It can prevent rapid weight loss in ailing dogs and provide them with the energy they need to live a fulfilling life. It is imperative that you feed your dog plenty of water after meals to avoid constipation. The food can be served dry or moistened depending on your dog’s preference.




Purina beyond grain free adult wet dog food


Purina Beyond grain free dog meal is an all-natural dog food with real meat protein as its number one ingredient. It comes in different flavors such as chicken, lamb, beef, and turkey. The meat protein is mixed with vegetables and carbs like peas, spinach, sweet potatoes, green beans, and potatoes. The presence of carbs and veggies ensures that your dog gets all the essential nutrients for healthy growth. Since Purina is wet dog food, it is suitable for puppies and dogs that hate feeding on dry food. It is also perfect for dogs with cancer, grain allergies, and specific animal protein intolerance since it eliminates the allergens without compromising on its nutritional value.


PEAK natural grain free dry dog food


PEAK grain free dog diet combines beef, lamb, and chicken as its protein sources. It prides itself on 30% protein with no artificial flavors, gluten, or artificial preservatives. In addition to high protein content, PEAK grain free dog food contains carbohydrates from peas, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. The nutrient combination in this dog diet makes it perfect for dogs with allergies and ingredient intolerance. It is also easy on the dog’s digestive system making it safe for dogs with sensitive tummies. This meal’s high protein content makes it suitable for dogs with cancer since it provides them with essential nutrients. Since this is dry dog food, it is advisable to mix it with wet food if you are feeding it to a puppy or a dog that hates dry food. You should also make sure that your dog takes a lot of water after meals. A lot of water intake helps in digestion and prevents constipation.


In conclusion


Knowing your dog’s preferences and eating habits is essential in determining the kind of dog food to feed him. Some dogs prefer wet food while some prefer dry food. Some dog food brands may cause tummy problems for your pooch and some may not. It is a trial and error method when it comes to finding the right dog food for your pooch. You may have to try out a few brands before finding the right dog food brand. If you want your dog to switch to grain free food, please do not change the diet drastically. Instead, start off small by mixing up regular and grain free food for a week. Keep increasing the amount of grain free food in the mixture every day throughout that week. A gradual introduction will give your dog’s body time to adjust to the different nutritional content in grain free food. Happy feeding!

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