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Green Paw Pets Liquid Glucosamine

Dogs generally enjoy three things: eating, cuddling, and playing. Few things can make a dog happier than simply running around the yard or park, or chasing after balls and frisbees.

Unfortunately, degenerative conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia can take their toll on your dog’s hips and joints, leading to significant amounts of pain during any kind of physical activity.

The Unfortunate Effects of Arthritis

Arthritis results in the inflammation of your dog’s joints, along with the erosion of cartilage. This also lessens the lubrication needed for proper joint movement. The effects are far-reaching, and involve plenty of pain in your dog’s joints, whether it’s walking, running, or jumping.

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The natural reaction from your dog is to simply avoid any kind of physical activity in the first place, as it’s just too painful most of the time. Arthritis is already a serious issue, but it can eventually lead to diabetes and obesity as well, along with depression.

Treatment Options

There are several avenues you can take to address arthritis, and some of them can be effective. Physical therapy is one option, as is finding different low-impact activities for your dog to partake in, such as swimming.

Acupuncture is another popular way to treat arthritis in dogs. These are all well and good, but having your dog be able to enjoy normal activities is still preferred, and that can really only be done by taking the issue on where it it’s occurring, and that’s inside the joints.

Fortunately, supplements formulated for joints can help. These supplements deliver helpful doses of needed nutrients and compounds that help to increase joint motion. There’s certainly no shortage of these supplements available currently, but finding a superior product can prove difficult.

Green Paw Pets set out to create a vastly better supplement, and we think they’ve pulled it off.

What’s Good About Green Paw Pets Liquid Glucosamine

This supplement has taken past research and knowledge and utilized it to create a far better glucosamine supplement with several added benefits that make t even more effective.

Superior Formula

Green Paw Pets created a better glucosamine formula by using the information acquired from over 80 studies of arthritis in dogs, and the compounds used to treat it. This allowed them to synthesize a better compound, while also adding chondroitin and MSM, two other compounds that have been shown to be beneficial in regards to joint health.

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This supplement contains a high amount of glucosamine, which helps to counteract cartilage loss. The chondroitin then works to bind proteins to the cartilage, helping to actually build and maintain it. MSM then works to support and reinforce the remaining connective tissue.

There is no unnecessary filler in the formula, and Green Paw Pets was sure to leave out ingredients often found in lower quality supplements, such as sugars, starches, wheat, gluten, soy, and more.

Long-Lasting Amount, Easy to Use

The supplement comes in a 32 ounce size, which is actually pretty big. Bigger dogs only need around one or two teaspoons per day, so the bottle is going to last your dog for quite awhile.

The supplement itself is easy to administer since it’s in liquid form. If you’ve struggled with trying to sneak pills into your dog’s food, you know very well how keen they can get, figuring out ways to eat around the pill or even spit it out. That’s impossible with liquid supplements.


Green Paw Pets decided to include a free guide book that details how to help manage hip dysplasia, arthritis, and degenerative joint disease in your dog. Dog owners who are new to treating these issues will certainly be appreciative of all the information.

We also love the fact that Green Paw Pets strongly believes in their products, and uses them to fund great causes helping animals in need. They offer a full money back guarantee with this supplement, so if you don’t see any positive effects after 60 full days of use, you can simply return the product for a refund.

Our experience has shown us that any company that offers you a full two months to try a product does it for a reason, You’ll be pleased with the results. More importantly, your dog will be pleased.

Any Drawbacks

We can honestly say there’s nothing we’d really change with this supplement. The formula is great, the dosage is easy, and the satisfaction guarantee provides confidence in your purchase.

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Arthritis and other joint diseases don’t have to end your dog’s activeness. This supplement won’t cure the problem, but it has definitely shown that it can significantly reduce the effects, helping your dog to be active and healthy again along with preventing serious complications that result from inactivity. We highly recommend this supplement.

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