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Healthy Clean Pet Dental Care Spray

We all love our dogs, but their breath can sometimes be a bit much. A dog’s breath isn’t supposed to smell like air freshener all day, but it certainly shouldn’t smell terrible.

While bad dog breath is indeed more than annoying, it can also be a sign that something is wrong with your dog’s mouth. Diseases and issues such as periodontal disease affect countless dogs each year, so your dog’s bad breath is likely the result of such a problem.

Healthy Clean Pet Dental Care


Periodontal disease can definitely cause bad breath, but it’s the other symptoms you should be more worried about. As bacteria and and food particles form around your dog’s gums, plaque begins to form and harden as a result. The bacteria then begins to eat away at your dog’s teeth while also separating from the gums.

Why You Should Care About Preventing Periodontal Disease

If left untreated, periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss, and even more issues that cause your dog to suffer. Fortunately, like most dog health issues, it can be prevented.

Proper dental care and checkups are the best ways to ensure that your dog’s teeth remain healthy, avoiding painful and costly issues down the road. This can include giving your dog regular teeth cleanings, and certain kinds of chew toys that help to clean plaque off as they chew.

Dental sprays for dogs are a very convenient and easy way to not only prevent dental issues in your dog, but give it instantly fresher breath as well. Everyone wins.

It’s pretty easy to find dental dog sprays for your dog these days, with many of them providing inadequate results. Healthy Clean Pet’s product does not fall into that category, however.

What’s Good About Healthy Clean Pet Dental Care Spray

This dental spray addresses mistakes made with more inferior sprays, and makes routine dental care as simple as pumping a few sprays into your dog’s mouth. Natural ingredients and a perfectly-balanced formula provide a dog owners with a highly-effective spray that they will always want to keep on hand.

Alcohol-Free, Natural Ingredients

Have you ever tried those breath sprays for humans? They most likely have alcohol in them, which can offer mixed results and an uncomfortable feeling. Apparently some makers of other dog dental sprays thought that including alcohol in a dog version was a good idea. It’s not.

Healthy Clean Pet took a different route, creating a formula that contains no alcohol whatsoever.

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of other sprays have ingredients that you can’t pronounce, including some synthetic materials that have no business being ingested by your dog. This product utilizes some of nature’s best breath fresheners such as mint and thyme.

Take Care of Your Dog Dental Health

Mint and thyme not only go great together as breath fresheners, they also help reduce plaque and tartar buildup along your dog’s gums, helping to prevent future diseases from getting a foot in the door.

Superior Smell

The goal here is fresh breath, and this spray delivers. The scent isn’t too overpowering, but just enough to provide your dog with a minty, smooth blast of fresh breath that will last for hours. Your dog won’t mind the smell and taste either.


The application process is very simple and easy, but there’s always those dogs that have their preferences, and develop clever ways to avoid getting the spray — mainly running away or moving their head back and forth to avoid it.

If that sounds like your dog, don’t worry. We found that applying the spray onto a toothbrush was just as effective, so if your dog gets freaked out by the idea of a spray, just brush their teeth for a few seconds with it instead.

If that doesn’t work, you can simply spray it into their water. It’’s work just as well.

Money Back Guarantee

Healthy Clean Pet feels pretty strongly about this spray, so they were sure to include a full 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. We didn’t need a refund, mainly because we saw results with the first few sprays.

Any Drawbacks

This is a pretty simple product that’s effectiveness resides almost entirely with the actual ingredients. We found them to be highly effective, and the sprayer produced the perfect amount each time, so it’s hard to find anything wrong with this spray.

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Protecting your dog from halitosis and other dental issues doesn’t have to be hard. This spray makes it easy, and is always there for you when you want to give your canine a quick breath boost that will last for hours, all while helping prevent periodontal disease. We’d suggest you order a bottle or two for yourself, and be on the way to fresher dog breath and lower vet bills.

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